The Kazakh yurt is a very decorative building that is pleasant to the eye. It is characterized by high roof structure and round sidewalls. Its roof trees are bend, not supported by rods, the inner space of this type of yurts is more spacious. It is not as stable as the Mongolian type.
Primary commodities

  • For the lettice structure, we use knurl-free larch-wood or ashen pieces of wood. These pieces are steam-bend, in order to follow the bow of the circle, because without the bending, the pieces would be hollow.
  • Larch is very weather – fend, its life span is very long.
  • Ashen is not very durable, but one of the most flexible woods, a massive lettice structure can be made of it. The pieces of this structure is tied to each other with wet buff leather.
  • The spars, the door and the roof circle are made of spruce.
  • Wood is handled with linseed oil, thus they have a nice, yellowish colour and it helps in preserving, however the door and the lower part of the lettice structure should be handled by special waterproof paint that balks the appearance of fungus.
  • The cover of the yurt is made of three pieces. First, we put an inner linen cover on the spars. On the top of this, a felt cover is applied on the whole surface of the yurt, and finally a waterproof canopy layer is put on. Lagging can be more effective by using more layers of felt, that has the advantage of being durable and having really effective lagging and sound-absorbing characteristics.