• Mongol yurt

    Stable, durable, resistant to the elements.

  • Kazah yurt

    Rotundious shape, spacious inner space.

  • Fitting up

    Yurts can be used as camping quarters, sauna, handcraft workrooms, and thousands of other facilities, limited only by your imagination.

  • Primary commodities

    Our yurts are made of knurl-free larch-wood or ashen handled with linseed-oil.

  • Inner space

    A yurt is not a primitive residence! It is a special, characteristic home that can be equipped with modern furniture and household appliances.


Dear Visitor!

My name is Gábor Adorján, I am a yurt-builder.
Welcome to my home page that will give you information on the yurts I build.

Mostly, I build Mongolian yurts, which have the speciality of straight roof studs. I care to preserve the original shape and construction, which is as good as it is. The laths of the lattice frame are tied together with leather, the roof studs are planed round, etc.

What can a yurt be used for? Just a few ideas: weekend house for those who would like to bring their house home at the end of the season, accomodation for students of a school in the woods (5-6 persons/yurt), sauna, picnic tent in the garden, handcraft workroom, common room, business-premises.
With proper insulation it is tenantable in winter as well. No need for construction permit or property-tax.
Just order a yurt, and give it a try!

I am constructing custom ideas as well, draw it, bring me a picture of it, or e-mail it to me!

Yours sincerely,
Gábor Adorján